His career Focus is empowering Nurses via EntrepreNURSEship and we were delighted to have him on the teleseminar today. You may have heard of him before as he is a nurse breaking big boundaries and paving a clear path for Nurses but if you have not, this is a great chance to learn about this amazing Nurse and what he does.

Nurse Osagie: Good day Great African Nurses am Humbled and Loyal. I believe after this conference you all will begin to swim in money.

Interviewer: Can you introduce yourself?

Nurse Osagie: I am Osagie Merry Osemwengie, a Registered Nurse, Managing Director Mundësi Group, Chief Medical Director of The Mundësi Hospitals, Relationship & Marriage Coach, Entrepreneur, Developer and I hail from Benin city Edo state.

Interview with osagie merry

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your interesting journey into Nursing.

Nurse Osagie: I wanted to be a Pharmacist but somehow found my self in Nursing. Paying my school fees was not easy; I had to Sell Gala and Lacasera along Lagos-Benin Express road just to raise money for school fees and other expenses.

During holidays (a rare occurrence in the profession!) I had to go to the village to gather food stuffs for the coming session.

I finally wrote the council exam in distress and had to resit paper 1 because I couldn’t prepare for the exam. While my mates were reading, I was looking for money to register for the council examination. But Glory to God I wrote it in June and I passed at one sitting.

Interviewer: That’s a great success story!

Nurse Osagie: Thank you.⁩

Interviewer: What was (were) your toughest moment(s) in Nursing?

Nurse Osagie: My toughest moments in Nursing were numerous. As a child that was not born with a silver spoon neither did we have one in our house ( we could not afford one); climbing to the point of recognition was like going through the eye of a needle.

One of my toughest moments was when I had to resign my regular salary job in one of the prestigious Hospitals I was working for to set up my own business even as a pauper (if there is any word worse than that).

I saw Nursing as a profession for rich people. One would expect that since I am privileged to practice Nursing, I would lay low and earn my salary jeje. But I didn’t. I decided to take advantage of it, I was daring (still daring). I am always desperate and hungry to break Boundaries. I use every available opportunity to my advantage.

Setting up my Business wasn’t easy, for a year and half as I didn’t received salaries. It was tough, I had to rely on the new business to feed… But to God be the glory, I can now pay myself more than what I was earning at my last job.

Interviewer: What do you currently do “differently” as a nurse and what inspires you to do it?

Nurse Osagie: Thank you.
I learnt lot of things while growing up as a kid, especially from my Parents. It came to a point in my family that my Dad wanted to take a second wife; it was a hell for us…
We did not have money, we could not feed and now second wife is a priority? We will die here…(That would have been the thought of the average Nigerian in such a scenario).

I had to advice my dad as the first child on the importance of focusing on the existing family instead of making another one and I thank God that he listened to me.

So currently, I am a Relationship & Marriage Counselor, a Sexuality Expert, an Entrepreneur, I teach, I mentor and I develop.

I wrote a short article on WHY NURSES SHOULD SET UP THEIR PRIVATE HOSPITALS LATELY and so far, over 47 nurses have set up their own private Hospitals all over the country, 23 are operating their own patent medicine store, countless are on the planning phase. I also help develop Businesses.

THE C.E.O. NURSES NETWORK is a foundation I set up months ago to Empower Nurses on the Knowledge of Entrepreneurship.

Osagie Merry on Nurses On Air

Interviewer: Great! Next Question
What is the turning point in your career?

Nurse Osagie: After a year of setting up my business I have overcome financial constraint to some extent. I no longer eat with my bare hands, I use spoons now.

As a Relationship & Marriage counselor, my followers believe in me so they have been wonderful.

I have numerous Nurses calling on daily basis about investing, they want genuine Knowledge.

As a Man who has once sold pure water on the street of Nigeria, I know what it takes to to make money and the value of money so I have invested their money and they recommend more people. All these have happened in few years.

10years from now I guess we shall be breaking not just boundaries but pyramids.

Interviewer: Breaking pyramids! Nice.
What boundaries did you break to become the extraordinary Nurse with a difference?

Nurse Osagie: I had to shut down negative vibes.
I had to step out of my shell, of course I have no shame…(what is there to be ashamed of).

When others were sleeping I was reading and even till now, I hardly sleep at night.

My Night ranges from 3am to 7am, it may be short and not good for the health but YES! The time to sleep will come but for now, it is the time to set a land mark.
I had to overcome my Phobia for public speaking, negativity.

I run away from those who say it is not possible to those who know it is possible.

Interviewer: Nurse Osagie, Outside Nursing, who is (are) your role model(s)?

Nurse Osagie: My role models are my parents and no one else. I don’t know the history of anyone out there but each time I look back at my family; there are enough things to motivate me.

My Mum (Mrs. Caroline Osagie) has always been supportive she is the best mother anyone can ask for from God.

Interviewer: God bless her.
What is your greatest ambition in life?

Nurse Osagie: To see that Nurses become major stake holders in the private health sector on or before 2030.
I also want to be a philanthropist not only in terms of financial charities but in empowering people with knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Interviewer: Great. A parting shot to inspire young African Nurses aspiring to break boundaries.

Nurse Osagie: People assume building wealth is about where you came from. But, that’s just not true!

You have to understand where you are to move to where you want to be. There’s a difference between an option and an opportunity.

An option is where you have a choice; an opportunity leads you somewhere.

It’s a lot easier to stay focused and be intentional when you have goals that you are reaching for.

You can be great as a Nurse even with only RN, Or be poor like my old life with your Ph.D the choice is yours. I am Osagie Merry Osemwengie, “Half Human Half Oracle”

Interviewer: One sentence to describe the idea of “The African Nurse” project.

Nurse Osagie: To every problem, there is always a person who provides the solution.

This online event is a project to empower and inspire Nurses to break boundaries and give African Nursing a face lift.

Interviewer: Thank you very much sir. That was really enlightening. I believe that if you could do it, each and every one of us here can do the same and much more!
Thanks again.

Nurse Osagie: You can join my page. @THE C.E.O. NURSES NETWORK AND YOU WILL LEARN LOT MORE.
You can reach me on my various social media handle;

Website: www.osagiemerry.com


Instagram: Osagie merryworld

Facebook: RN Osagie Merry

Twitter: @Osagiemerry

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Wow! As you can see, that was an enlightening session. Nurse Osagie did not just motivate us to take the lead in hospital management and how to leave behind mediocrity to aim for more gainful enterprises, he also strengthened our zeal to wade through life and rise above whatever threatens to hold us back.

What do you find striking about this interview?

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