Ann Beatrice Wambui

We were set to attend great sessions that we hoped would motivate and inspire us to do more in our chosen profession but with each speaker the mark we set keeps getting us blown away and we are mandated to aim higher, think bigger. We had the pleasure of having a Kenyan Nurse breaking boundaries and believe me, it was an inspiring session!

Interviewer: Welcome here ma, it’s a pleasure to have you with us.So let’s begin. Can you introduce yourself?

Nurse Ann B: My official name is, Ann Beatrice Wambui Muthoni. Born and raised in Kenya. I am a nurse by profession with a diploma as a Kenyan Registered Community Health Nurse and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and currently am pursuing my Masters in Reproductive Health/ Midwifery.

I am the Pioneer and the Director of Golden Minute Productions. I host the TV program and am also the content manager. I am a wife and mother of two. I am also an ordained minister of the Gospel.

Interviewer: That’s nice. Let’s talk about your interesting journey into Nursing.

Nurse Ann B: While growing up I wanted to be a nurse, teacher or a preacher. By the grace of God I think am now all. I settled mostly on nursing when I saw my cousin suffering with burns and I couldn’t help. When I joined medical college I deeply fell in love with Midwifery. The terms used were so sweet eg vernix, episiotomy, cephalic etc. My lecturer was also sweet too. 10years plus of practice, am now specializing in Midwifery and advocating for Maternal and Child Health through the media.

Ann Beatrice Wambui On Nurses on air

Interviewer: Ma’am, what was(were)your toughest moment(s) in Nursing.

Nurse Ann B. : I have had several but my worst was when I got my job with the government and I was posted in a very far county. I had to leave my one year old baby under the care of our best couple. Just like that my family was separated till six months later and we were all reunited.

My second was when I underwent C/S for my second born two days before the second semester for my bachelors begun. I went for lectures with my child for a whole year. I used to leave her in the vehicle with a house help. Only for her to cry just when I have settled in class. One time I didn’t get a house girl to go with so I went with a young man. Persistence and commitment won!

Interviewer : Wow! …tough times they say don’t last, tough people do! I see determination and commitment at work here. What do you do differently as a Nurse and what inspires you to do it?

Nurse Ann B.: I fight against Maternal and Neonatal mortality with love and passion through the media. Am currently working with two Media stations. In one I own the program and in the other am contracted( third year now). View it via the link:

I also organize for free Breast and Cervical cancer screening through my Golden Minute Productions program.

Currently am leading a team that is lobbying for storage for maternal and gynea use only in the hospitals.
Last year, I also volunteered for five months to advocate for Maternal and Child health through the radio. I have also volunteered as a Midwifery lecturer in a medical school.

This has earned me a few recognition.
The unstoppable, passionate African midwife in the fight against maternal fetal and neonatal mortality

Ann Beatrice Wambui

Interviewer: Next question is…What’s the turning point in your career?

Nurse Ann B: This was when I believed in myself and overcame low self esteem which I greatly suffered from having been raised by a single mum as a firstborn in a very humble environment. Thereafter, am unstoppable! Interactions with great minds like you people have also helped me a lot.

Interviewer: What boundaries did you break to become an extraordinary Nurse with a difference?

Nurse Ann B. : This year a great author from our country wrote a book on career growth and used my story as a good example. I know you know what this means to me.
I bet am the first Nurse in my country to own a medical television program and also host it.

Balancing between family, full time job, passion, books, church and many others not forgetting being a wife is boundary breaking enough.

Interviewer: This is great. Outside Nursing, who is (are) your role model(s)?

Nurse Ann B. : My Bachelors lecturer Professor Karani. She rose from a Certificate Nurse to a professor.
I draw hope from the telepreacher, Joyce Meyers who overcame an abusive childhood and an abusive first marriage to become a great woman of God.

Interviewer: Great. What is your greatest ambition in life?

Nurse Ann B. : I strongly desire and pray that one day I’ll be an Ambassador for Maternal Health.

I also secretly desire to star in a movie one day (adventure).

Interviewer: A parting shot to inspire young African Nurses aspiring to break boundaries.

Nurse Ann B. : Allow me to use my best Bible verse. Genesis 13:14-15 (in summary) THE FAR YOU SEE THE FAR THE LORD WILL GIVE YOU.

Believe in yourself and start.

NB: It’s not how you start but when you start!

Interviewer : Nice one ma. One sentence to describe the idea of “The African Nurse” project.

Nurse Ann B. : This is what we have been waiting for. Now that we have it, let’s do better than
volcanos and just ERUPT. May God bless the great minds behind it.

Interviewer: Thanks so much ma!

Nurse Ann B. : The pleasure is mine. Thanks for making me part of this great minded family. God bless us all. God bless Africa.

That was how the conversation went. Gone are the days when it was cool enough to be just a Nurse. Nursing is spreading it’s tendrils and digging deep into every sector and this great step that promises to enhance the profile of nurses internationally needs the input of every nurse. Do not be left behind!

What do you gain from this interview? You can still be part of us!

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