Who Are We?

We are Africa’s first ever media broadcasting,  health advocacy and media campaign platform strictly run by professional nurses with the aim of transforming public health through the promotion of the Universal Health Coverage and UN SDGs Goals 3, 5, 6, 9 & 17.

What’s Our Mission?

Our mission is to deploy the power of health media broadcasting (multi and trans-media story-telling) and ICT based innovations (Telenursing) towards enhancing access to health information through nursing knowledge, expertise, skills and experience.

We invent media advocacy strategies and public health education approaches, towards improving access to more qualitative healthcare information and services, reducing burden of diseases in families and communities and enhancing the quality of life among the African populace.

What’s Our Vision?

Our vision is to become Africa’s foremost health media advocacy platform, positioning nurses as a leading force for positive influence in public health transformation and community impact.

Why Nurses?

Globally, the traditional roles of nurses are rapidly changing. Global health organizations are intensely seeking to empower nurses to play role crucial role in tackling 21st Century health challenges and help actualize ongoing contributions towards the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. Why? Nurses form the bulk (more than half) of the entire global health workforce!

As professional nurses, we are first hand witnesses of the heavy burden of disease suffered by clients, patients, families and communities in our care. Our call of duty goes beyond the four walls of the hospital to impacting families and communities through the specialized knowledge, expertise and skills we have acquired in the field of nursing care, health advocacy and media broadcasting.

With a target of  engaging and partnering with over one million African nurses across the globe, we have a vision of leading the revolutionary change that will transform Africa’s health systems through the power of media advocacy and ICT.

What’s Unique?

Our team is made up of extraordinary nurses with amazing natural abilities, outstanding skills, vast experience, and in-depth expertise in the field of nursing science, media broadcasting, dramatic and graphic arts, ICT and media engineering, film, documentary and multi media productions.

We are driven by deep-seated, unquenchable passion to restore, promote and sustain the dignity of the nursing profession in Africa through laudable projects focused on public health transformation.

We are inspired by the innumerable sacrifices made by nurses in the everyday life saving work they do, which most times go unnoticed.

Building healthier families and communities through media innovations and partnerships is what we love doing!