The items below are what we do.

We have a unique mandate to innovate revolutionizing media inventions and strategies, using media broadcasting and multimedia audio-visual tools, especially the use of transmedia storytelling and serial health dramas.

We endeavor to influence and enhance access to qualitative health information and services; empower nurses towards enhancing the healthcare service delivery system; and transform public perception of nurses to the end of positively impacting on lives.

We advocate and campaign for an enhanced public perception of nurses, actively maximizing the power of the media to engage the public on crucial nursing-related issues and provide opportunities for nurses to stand out and speak up in defence of the profession.

Our love for nurses constantly compels us to invent powerful tools that can effectively alter the traditional perception of the roles of nurses; transform the public understanding of the multi-faceted components of modern-day nursing; while enhancing, advancing and upholding a positive image for nursing and what it’s worth.


We are passionate about preserving the dignity and integrity of the nursing profession. We are deeply committed to making a huge difference in the personal lives and careers of nursing professionals, re-positioning nurses for global
opportunities in personal transformation, professional revolution and community impact.

We uncover, groom, train, grow, mentor and transform hidden talents in nurses. We are committed to constantly build and nurture highly talented and extraordinary nursing professionals who are passionately devoted to the revolutionary cause of changing the landscape of nursing in their immediate environment.


We inspire and empower nurses to become role models and advocacy champions who can positively influence health behaviors among vulnerable populations. We actively take the lead in demonstrating how nurses can deploy the influence of electronic and multi-media messaging tools; inventive information communication technology systems; and innovative health partnerships for the progression of the nursing profession.