Welcome to Nurses On Air

Nurses On Air’ is a revolutionary media platform run by nurses, for nurses, from nurses and for the health of the general populace.

Our mission is to challenge and expand the common understanding of who nurses really are; discover and empower extraordinarily talented nurses to become powerful agents of professional transformation; and inspire African nurses to become champions of health advocacy, prevention, promotion, education, enlightenment and prevention.

Our Vision is to become a global brand in nursing advocacy and media branding,
empowering nurses around the globe to explore the untapped resources of the
nursing profession and maximize its vast potentials beyond the African continent.

Our Mission is re-brand and re-value nursing by projecting and promoting more
truthful, enhanced, well-adjusted and reliable media portrayals of nurses, with the
ultimate goal of transforming public health, impacting lives and building healthy
communities around the globe.

We are committed to advocating for the need for nurses to individually and
collectively take leading roles in re-positioning the profession for ongoing global
nursing opportunities, advancement and reformation in the field of education,
training, practice, research, leadership, health promotion, advocacy and image

Nurses on Air is here to prove that nurses can be ultra-savvy, innovative and revolutionary while making overwhelming differences in the lives of colleagues, clients, patients, other healthcare providers and most especially members of the public with a focus on influencing health behaviors, choices and habits.

  • Powerful agents of professional transformation.
  • Champions of health advocacy.
  • Innovative and revolutionary.
  • Influencing health behaviors, choices and habits.